Today was the final day of the Center for American Progress’ “Take Back the American Dream Conference” in Washington, D.C. and they capped it off by marching through the streets of D.C. to Crossroads GPS, the office of conservative mastermind Karl Rove so they could make a citizens arrest for trying to steal the election.

As I sat at the conference and looked around at the small audience, which I estimate couldn’t have been more than 100 people I wondered if the organizers would bring in reinforcements for the march and sure enough they did in the form of local union members.

The union members all wearing black t-shirts proclaiming “Our DC” was the dominant force for the march as they brought their SEIU labeled bullhorns and led the marches down Connecticut Avenue in Washington to Rove’s office.

While there were some anti-Rove chants during the march, it started off with the union’s “Our DC” chant which had nothing to do with Rove, but seems to be very common when the left needs to bulk up its troops and decides to mix up its message hoping know one will notice.

Thanks to the reinforcements the march was at least one-third larger than it would have been if it had just been the dream conference attendees and was probably more organized since the union was far more adept on conducting such an exercise.

The march also had the full cooperation of the D.C. police who blocked off the intersections of Connecticut, which for those that don’t know D.C. very well is a major thoroughfare to aid the cause.  Considering that this was a pretty small march or maybe 100-150 people at most, that was some gesture.  I doubt that had it been a march calling for Attorney General Eric Holder’s resignation for example that it would have received the same level of support from the police.

My question is, did the union people even know who Karl Rove is?  I doubt it.