July 2012

Web gossip site FishbowlLA praised the announcement that the Jim Henson Company would be severing its ties with fast food chain Chick-Fil-A over its donations to groups that support traditional marriage.  Except that’s not exactly how Fishbowl writer Matthew Fleischer put it.

Some good news from the Jim Henson Company, which announced late last week that they are severing their business partnership with the notoriously anti-gay, fast food company Chick-Fil-A.

Chick-Fil-A had been offering Jim Henson “Creature Shop” toys in its “Kids Meals.” Nice to know the Muppets will no longer be pushing an anti-gay agenda…or cheap, terrible food that makes kids obese.

Notorious?  That’s a label pro-gay forces are using in an attempt to smear the chain which is run by noted Christian S. Truett Cathy.  What’s Cathy’s sin?  Donating money to groups that believe marriage is between one man and one woman.

Of course companies that support gay marriage or gay rights aren’t notorious in the eyes of the left, and this is just one more example of the intolerance of the left for any opinion that doesn’t square with their own.

Cathy is a well know Christian and his beliefs shouldn’t come as a surprise to his detractors. The chain is famous for closing their stores on Sunday, making it a true day of rest for its employees.

The fact that Henson severed its ties should be all that surprising since it is owned by the Walt Disney Co., which is a big supporter of gay rights.  It’s more of a surprise as to what took them so long to figure this out.

All this seems lost on Fleischer and his pals on the left, but then again no one ever accused them of being rocket scientists.

Occupy D.C. is still alive and well much to the consternation of residents in the Petworth section of Washington.

The Washington Post reported last week that what is left of the movement has taken over a house since being booted from McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza and has been driving neighbors crazy.

One resident,  58-year old Robert Joyner, told the Post that he had never even heard of the Occupy Wall Street movement, and that he isn’t too happy about their current location next door.

I don’t even know who these people are. I’ve never seen them before. They beat bongos. They play guitar. They stay up all night. And they [have sex] on the porch.

According to the Post more than three dozen protesters have lived in the “Occuhouse” in recent months and that they have rigged illegal electrical lines to power the house.

The occupiers think they are involved in what they call “land liberation” –which involves moving into bank owned properties, fixing them up and inviting homeless families to move in. The only problem is that that the home isn’t owned by a bank, but by a local real estate agent who has been trying to regain control of the property since 2008.

Her efforts have been largely stymied by the city’s bureaucracy, so the occupiers have remained in place.

In the meantime the rats, the trash and the illegal electrical lines remain- though Pepco was planning to send out a crew to disconnect them.

Even though they are clearly squatting, it’s unlikely that the D.C. government will do anything in the near future to return the house to its rightful owner, leaving the neighbors to endure the disruptions for the foreseeable future.

Veteran actor James Earl Jones, best know for being the voice of CNN and Darth Vader, opined on the Smiley and West radio show about his love of MSNBC and his understanding of the Tea Party.

The show which is hosted by left-wing professor Cornell West veteran radio and television personality Tavis Smiley was asked whether or not he was a “political person.”

Jones responded by saying that he listens as much as he can an that he “can’t get enough of MSNBC.” and admitted to turning to right-wing news on occasion as well.

Then Jones opened up about the Tea Party and racism.

I think I figured out the Tea Party. I think I… I do understand racism, because I was taught to be one, by my grandmother. My grandmother was part Cherokee, Choctaw Indian, part black. She hated everybody. She taught all of her children and grandchildren to be racist, to hate white people, and to distrust black people.

Jones doesn’t cite any evidence of racism in the Tea Party, because there aren’t any beyond what has been manufactured by the liberal media, but since he was on a liberal radio program he could get away with playing his own version of the race card.

President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign continues to hammer Mitt Romney by claiming that his firm Bain Capital was a “outsourcing pioneer.”

The campaign has based this claim on a June 21 Washington Post story on Romney and Bain, and has been running an ad to that effect, despite the ad being rated false by FactCheck.org

Not only that, but the Post’s own fact checker, Glenn Kessler who had previously rated a similar Obama ad as false and gave it four Pinocchios, said that the Obama camp had misinterpreted the Post article and said that there was “little in the article that backs up the Obama campaign’s spin.”


Senior Obama adviser Robert Gibbs, stuck by the ad Sunday when he appeared on CNN’s State of the Union, telling host Candy Crowley that everyone should read the Post article when asked about the false ratings the ad had received.  The same article that the Post fact checker said they misinterpreted.

But that hasn’t stopped the campaign from pushing this issue.

On the Washington Post website the Obama campaign is running an ad promoting their view of Romney as an outsourcer next to the June 21 article.

The ad reads in part.

“Romney’s companies were pioneers in shipping jobs overseas”

The problem with this is that the Post is reporting that Obama has his own outsourcing headaches as jobs have continued to move overseas since he took office in 2009.

In addition, Obama’s former economic policy adviser, Diana Farrell, was the primary author of a report in 2003 for the McKinsey Global Research Institute entitled “Offshoring: Is It a Win-win Game?” that concluded the benefits of offshoring to the U.S. exceeded the costs.

Then there is the study by the Energy Department that found that 60% of the 40 largest wind farms financed by the stimulus relied on foreign manufacturers for their key components, including turbines.

All I can say is Pot,Kettle,Black.

Actor Billy Baldwin, told Piers Morgan last week that his brother Alec Baldwin who he considers to be very bright and committed, but he may not be “cut from the proper cloth” because it requires a lot of tolerance and patience, which is not something that he is known for.

Baldwin also stated that while he is a supporter of President Obama and will vote for him again, that he is very disappointed with him on many levels, public education, the slow recovery and Wall Street.  He added that if the administration continues to act unethically like the Jon Corzine administration did, then it won’t be long before people take to the streets like the Rodney King situation.

That isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement for Obama, but Baldwin can’t bring himself to vote for Romney so his vote will be more anti-Romney than pro-Obama, which is likely to be repeated by other Hollywood liberals who find themselves at odds with the administration.

See the interview here.