Actor Billy Baldwin, told Piers Morgan last week that his brother Alec Baldwin who he considers to be very bright and committed, but he may not be “cut from the proper cloth” because it requires a lot of tolerance and patience, which is not something that he is known for.

Baldwin also stated that while he is a supporter of President Obama and will vote for him again, that he is very disappointed with him on many levels, public education, the slow recovery and Wall Street.  He added that if the administration continues to act unethically like the Jon Corzine administration did, then it won’t be long before people take to the streets like the Rodney King situation.

That isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement for Obama, but Baldwin can’t bring himself to vote for Romney so his vote will be more anti-Romney than pro-Obama, which is likely to be repeated by other Hollywood liberals who find themselves at odds with the administration.

See the interview here.