Veteran actor James Earl Jones, best know for being the voice of CNN and Darth Vader, opined on the Smiley and West radio show about his love of MSNBC and his understanding of the Tea Party.

The show which is hosted by left-wing professor Cornell West veteran radio and television personality Tavis Smiley was asked whether or not he was a “political person.”

Jones responded by saying that he listens as much as he can an that he “can’t get enough of MSNBC.” and admitted to turning to right-wing news on occasion as well.

Then Jones opened up about the Tea Party and racism.

I think I figured out the Tea Party. I think I… I do understand racism, because I was taught to be one, by my grandmother. My grandmother was part Cherokee, Choctaw Indian, part black. She hated everybody. She taught all of her children and grandchildren to be racist, to hate white people, and to distrust black people.

Jones doesn’t cite any evidence of racism in the Tea Party, because there aren’t any beyond what has been manufactured by the liberal media, but since he was on a liberal radio program he could get away with playing his own version of the race card.