On Wednesday’s Hardball, host Chris Matthews too a little breather from his Republican racism charges, but let guest John Heilemann do his dirty work for him.

Matthews started off the opening segment with Heilemann and the Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson by saying that he wanted to get away from the racism talk because “we don’t know what’s in a person’s heart,” and then proceeded to ask Robinson ad Heilemann what the Republicans were really saying in their attacks on President Obama.

Robinson said that the Republican Party was appealing to the white working class voters and and was telling them that Obama doesn’t like them,he’s not like them and doesn’t understand them.  Matthews then said that what they are doing is charging Obama with “old big style, old big city politic of fifty years ago,” adding that they keep saying Chicago, sending the message that this guy is helping people in the poor neighborhoods and “screwing us in the burbs.”

Heilemann responded by saying “there’s a lot of black people in Chicago,”  with Matthews agreeing and adding that it may have something to do with it. “another ethnic people.”

So just because the Republicans mention Chicago, now that is hidden racism?  Maybe Heilemann and Matthews haven’t noticed, but there are plenty of white people in Chicago and references to Chicago style politics refers to the Daley machine which dominated the city for decades and was known for rampant corruption and cronyism.  Plus the fact that Daley was, ahem, white.

Once again if a conservative had made a statement like Heilemann’s , the media would hang them out t dry, but since he is a liberal on a liberal show he of course gets a pass.

Exactly who is playing the race card again?