On Sunday’s State of the Union, CNN’s Candy Crowley had Obama senior campaign adviser David Axelrod squirming as he tried to explain how a second Obama administration would be different from the first.

Axelrod admitted that Obama isn’t happy with the economic results of the president’s first term, but they were making progress and that the country couldn’t afford to return to the policies of the past.

After Axelrod listed some of the things Obama would do in a second term, Crowley said that they weren’t specific and that they were really goals. She also added that none of the proposals that Axelrod mentioned have passed, in some cases after having been debated for two years.   Axelrod also failed to deliver when Crowley asked if their was going to be something new in  a second Obama term or will it be a “stay the course” administration, and replied with the same proposals that he had previously mentioned, which didn’t contain anything new as Crowley had suspected.