Former NBC Evening News anchor Tom Brokaw, told the hosts of The Cycle on Monday that anyone who thinks the Tea Party is going away will be disappointed, an that they are an insurgency that will continue.

I’ve been talking to them. It’s an insurgency – and they’re going to continue.However large or small, their success is in this election, they have found their purpose in life.

Now that the election is over, the liberal media are dancing on the grave of the Tea Party after some tough, but not totally unexpected losses in Indiana, Missouri, Illinois and Florida.

What they are forgetting though is that the Tea Party also won races, with Ted Cri=uz in Texas being one of the biggest ones, as he is likely to hold that seat for decades to come if he so wishes.  Also the Republicans easily held on to the House, and there are plenty of Tea Party candidates among the victors.

It probably wasn’t easy for Brokaw to give a nod to the Tea Party- but at least he realizes that like any nascent political movement, they will hit a few bumps in the road and that it’s virtually  impossible to win every race they contest.  Especially when many of them are not professional politicians and will undoubtedly stumble on occasion.

Overall last night the victors outnumbered the losers, and it should only help cement the importance of the Tea Party in our political landscape.