The publication of the names and addresses of gun permit holders in Westchester and Rockland counties, apparently has led to a burglary at the home of one elderly gun owner.

GunmapAccording to a report in Newsday on Sunday, burglars broke into the home of a man in his 70’s and attempted to open his gun safe.

Police are investigating whether or not the publication of the names and addresses of 44,000 gun owners by the Journal News was a factor in the burglary attempt, but the fact that the homeowner’s name was part of that database and that their target was his gun safe is no coincidence.

The Journal News has come under fire from gun ownership advocates and in an bit of irony has hired armed guards to patrol its building, after the initial backlash.

State Sen. Greg Ball (R) is planning on introducing legislation today to make the names of gun owners private.