April 2013

Yesterday in the mail I received a letter in the mail from my local natural gas utility asking me to help the environment by adding carbon offsets to my plan.

wg_logo_02The letter reminded me that while natural gas is one of the cleanest sources of energy, it still creates some greenhouse gas emissions.  So to help celebrate Earth Day, the utility encouraged me to counterbalance the environmental impact of my use of natural gas and to sign up for the WGES Carbon Offsets Plus program.

Now while I have no problem is trying to do my part to save the environment- I recycle for example, this feel good program isn’t free.

Just as with just about every “save the environment” program or scheme- I pay about $200 for the privilege of mandatory recycling, there is a cost.  Washington Gas wants me to cough up 15 cents per therm, which they estimate would cost less than $1 a day to help them reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  If they were a responsible business shouldn’t they be doing that already instead of trying to guilt their customers into coughing up more money?

How about telling me, how I reduce my energy use?  Oh, wait that would mean reduced revenues and profits for the utility, which they don’t want, while trying to be environmental do-gooders.

While Washington Gas has been able to con enough customers into buying more than 70,000 carbon offsets to date,  they won’t be getting any additional money out of me for this charade.

Read the letter here: WGES

Vice president and his wife Jill reported income of $385.072 on their 2012 tax return, but when it comes to helping those less fortunate than themselves, they are skinflints.

Joe Biden fingerThe Bidens reported a total of $7,190 in charitable contributions or 1.9% of their total income.

While that is in line with what the average American gives based on their disposable income, the Bidens certainly are not average with earnings that are closer to the liberal much-reviled 1% than anything else.

The Bidens are certainly free to spend their money any way they see fit, but if I can donate about 6 times as much  percentage wise on about one-sixth the income, certainly our vice-president can do better.

Then again liberals are the masters of hypocrisy.