The weekend release of nude photos of over 100 Hollywood celebrities who apparently had their iCloud accounts hacked has stirred anger and outrage from those that were exposed in more ways than one.  While the hacking is clearly illegal, all the anger and angst at the pictures spreading across the web are being directed at the wrong target.

As comedian Ricky Gervais tweeted, if you don’t want your nude pictures on the web perhaps you shouldn’t take any, or at least not store them where they can be hacked.

Gervais was hammered to what Hollywood saw as insensitive though it was just common sense.

Are Hollywood stars narcissistic? Yes.  Why else would you take nude photos of your beautiful and often cosmetically enhanced body?  And don’t tell me you haven’t sent a few of those pics to paramours in an effort to excite them.  We know that happens all the time.

It is always beyond me why those in Hollywood or otherwise cry foul when nude pics or sex tapes wind up in the public domain, either free or for a fee.

Just admit your a narcissist and move on.  And don’t take any more nudie pics unless you want to repeat this episode in the future.

Gays are receiving increasing positive exposure on broadcast and cable television according to the latest GLAAD Network Responsibility Index released late last week.

The most gay or LGBT friendly networks are as follows:

Broadcast networks:

  1. The CW (33)
  2. Fox (29)
  3. ABC (23)
  4. NBC (15)
  5. CBS (10)

Cable networks:

  1. ABC Family (55)
  2. Showtime (37)
  3. TNT (33)
  4. HBO (31)
  5. AMC (29)
  6. SyFy (22)
  7. FX (19)
  8. USA (18)
  9. A&E (5)
  10. TBS (5)

While it’s not surprising to see the CW with its edgy programming top the broadcast list, some conservatives may be surprised to see the ABC Family network on cable blow away the competition with a whopping 55% of its primetime programming including positive LGBT images.

The effect of these images is often far greater than the percentages listed though as many top rated programs such as House on Fox with the bisexual doctor 13, to TNT’s The Closer’s gay coroner extends the reach even further.

The movement towards gay friendly shouldn’t really come as surprise since liberals in Hollywood have been pushing a pro gay agenda for years on film ad have only recently become emboldened to transfer their agenda to primetime television.

This all about portraying the gay lifestyle and behavior as perfectly normal and never shows any of the downsides of  gay lifestyles when compared to heterosexual lifestyles giving the viewers a distorted view.

Since it’s politically incorrect to criticize the LGBT movement and lifestyle under the threat of being pilloried by the media and the movement, my suggestion is to turn off the television  and read a good book.



For those who may have missed the Ronald Reagan float commemorating his 100th birthday next month here is a short video shot by Leslie Carbone.

A fitting tribute for Reagan who was born 100 years ago on February 6th.

The firestorm over Bristol Palin’s advance into the finals on Dancing With The Stars continues with reports of voter fraud by Palin fans and a viewer boycott by those that aren’t happy with Tuesday’s results.

For those that are concerned with voter fraud on a reality show I ask- Where have you been?  DWTS isn’t the only program that asks viewers to vote for their favorite performers and yet it is now the focus of unhappy (and mostly liberal) anger.  It would be nice if they were this concerned about real voter fraud in political elections.

But these accusations are nothing more than sour grapes from those that have been caught offguard by the huge outpouring of support for Bristol.

As reported in the Washington Post the best summation of why Palin has made it thus far came from her dance partner Mark Ballas when he addressed the media on the subject.

“Obviously, you guys thought Brandy should have gone through,” Ballas said to the gaggle, according to TMZ video of the incident. “Did you vote?” he asked. Those members of the media who answered said they had not. “Well, then!” Mark shot back. Bristol has made it to the finals, he said, “because she’s relatable. . . . She’s the most normal person we’ve ever had on the show. . . . She’s not an entertainer, she’s not a dancer, she’s not a singer, she’s not an actress. . . . I think people at home who have their normal lives are like, ‘If I was on the show, that’s how I would be, so I want to vote and see how, if I was to compete on the show, what it would be like,’ ” Ballas speculated.

The media can’t get over that Bristol has won American’s hearts and is worried that a Bristol win will a feel good story for the Palin family that they would rather not have to report on given their disdain for her mother.

It’s anyone’s guess who will win the cheesy mirror ball trophy but one thing is for sure and that is that Bristol has already beaten the liberal media with her appearance and that is worthy of a prize in and of itself.

Every fall television season the networks trot out several new shows to replace last years failures or shows that had reached the end of their useful ratings life.

This year was no different and we have seen the usual crop of hits and misses but no failure was apparently more glaring to Allison Samuels who laments in Newsweek the demise of Undercovers a new NBC series with a pair of attractive black actors as the leads.

Samuels just doesn’t take Hollywood to task for what she considers the dearth of leading black actors on television she goes as far as to say that Tinseltown isn’t ready for “super-negros” as she calls them

Here is part of what Samuels wrote in Newsweek

On Web sites such as Entertainment Weekly’s and Bossip theories ran amok as to why a flashy drama from a veteran producer sank before it could reach deep water. Some pointed to lack of star power, while a few fans complained of weak writing. Sure, all those things can cause any show’s early demise, but I’m not convinced those very fixable creative flaws explain the show’s short life span; ratings were low from the very first episode. I think it’s possible that a slightly more obvious, disturbing reason could be behind Undercovers’ failure, and it’s pretty familiar: race. Prime-time audiences just weren’t ready for “super-negros” on the small screen. And that’s exactly what Undercovers was: a show about black people doing very “unblack” things. Before anyone gets upset, let me explain. “Super-negro” was a term my family often used while watching old Sidney Poitier movies back in the day. In Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (our favorite), Poitier portrays a black doctor in love with a white, wealthy young socialite during the ’60s. Pretty early in the film, you begin to realize that Poitier’s character is not just any black doctor (an accomplishment in itself for most people then, and now); he’s a black doctor with degrees from several Ivy League universities, an internationally known scholar behind cures of dozens of diseases in Africa and elsewhere. Overkill. But Poitier portraying a “regular negro” was simply not good enough during those times, so the “super-negro” was born. The same could be said of his character from In the Heat of the Night, a Philadelphia cop with highly decorated awards.

Fast-forward 40 years, and it’s plain to see that Hollywood still hasn’t figured out a way to move beyond that absurd premise. It still can’t just fit us in. Yes, we often appear as sidekicks or backup characters in an array of popular shows in prime time, but rarely do we carry a show as the star or let the viewers come home with us. One exception is Jada Pinkett Smith’s turn as a no-nonsense nurse on the TNT show Hawthorne. Wonder why? It might have something to do with the fact that it’s a show that she and her husband, Will Smith, created and executive produce. Otherwise, it appears that the powers that be in Tinseltown feel quite comfortable relegating us to reinforcing every negative stereotype known to humanity in low-grade, embarrassing reality shows like Flavor of Love and Basketball Wives. So exactly how does the television audience (black, white, or other) make the gigantic leap from those constant images of foolery to a show like Undercovers? It doesn’t.

Samuels may be an award winning correspondent for Newsweek as her bio claims but in this case she is nothing but a race baiter for accusing Hollywood of purposely discriminating against blacks in leading roles.

Did Samuels actually watch any of the episodes?  I realize that television is entertainment but in the case of this show the idea that a young couple running a catering business were retired CIA agents and have been reactivated stretched the imagination.  The couple looked like they were maybe 30 years old at most and I could be wrong but how many retired spooks have you heard of retire at such a young age?  Also where did the wife learn all those languages?  It seemed like it didn’t matter what country she was in she could always speak the language.  How convenient.

The show didn’t fail because of some Hollywood conspiracy against “super-negros” but because it wasn’t remotely believable.

By the way if a white person had used the term “super-negro” he or she would have been crucified by the press but since Samuels is black it’s perfectly fine.

If Samuels is looking for bias in Hollywood she would be better off looking at how few conservatives are regularly employed or the ones that are keep quiet until they have established themselves.


Bristol Palin the teenage mom turned abstinence speaker has burnished her image with her appearance on this season’s Dancing with the Stars.

Palin who isn’t a very talented dancer has slowly improved as the season has progressed and defied media critics who felt that her appearance was nothing more than a ratings ploy by the producers.

Yet Bristol has shown a sweet innocence as she both struggles to learn the dance routines but also how to remain modest in her appearance on a show known for some of the skimpiest on network television an in the process has won the hearts of many Americans.

Up to this point I can’t argue too much with the fact that she is still in the running for the cheesy mirror ball trophy but now that there are only four dancers left the pressure will intensify as she won’t be able to rely on the sympathy for her youth , inexperience (and her mom)  to get her to the finals.

While she has been an adequate dancer I have no doubt that the main reason she has survived this long has been largely due to her mother’s supporters who want to see this young conservative win the whole enchilada.

There is no doubt that Sarah Palin looms large over the show this year as she has made several appearances to support Bristol and even though she can be a lightning rod in the world of politics it may just turn out that her overall popularity and fan base wll carry Bristol to the top despite her shortcomings as a dancer.

I would prefer the best dancer win but a small part of me is rooting for Bristol.

Liberal talk show host and commentator Bill Press is taking the removal of his show and other “progressives” off the airwaves in Washington, D.C. very hard as evidenced by his commentary in the Washington Post on Sunday.

On February 2nd the Washington Post reported that Red Zebra Broadcasting which is owned by Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder had decided to switch formats and was dumping the liberal talk radio format that had been billed as OBAMA 1260.

According to the Post program director Greg Tantum told the paper that the station’s ratings collapsed after the election while its conservative counterpart surged.

For Press the ratings and the financial reasons don’t matter.  What matters is that conservative radio dominates the airwaves in D.C. and with the exception of Ed Schultz there won’t be any liberal or progressive talkers starting this week.

Press who just last week interviewed Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow on bringing back the Fairness Doctrine which created a firestorm in the conservative blogosphere wants the public airwaves to reflect the diversity of the local community.

In an effort to make his case Press cites a study by the liberal Center for American Progress that showed there were three hours of conservative talk for every hour of liberal talk. He then cites station owner complaints that the liberal talk format doesn’t make any money and disputes that with examples of successful stations in Minnesota, Madison, Wis., and Portland, Ore. 

But let’s take a look at his examples. First there is Minnesota with 40% Democratic and 24% Independent voter registration backing Obama with 54% of the vote and may be on the verge of electing liberal comedian Al Franken as a U.S. Senator.   And then there is Madison, Wis., which went for Obama with 56% of the vote and where Democrats hold both U.S. Senate seats, five of eight House seats and the governor’s mansion.  Finally we have Portland, Ore., where Obama won 57% of the vote and their newly elected openly gay mayor recently admitted that he had a sexual affair with a teenager in 2005  after denying the allegations for the past year.

These are some of the most liberal cities and states in the country.  If liberal talk radio can’t succeed there they won’t succeed anywhere.

Press continues his rant by accusing the station owners of attempting to block liberal talk radio in their markets or relegating them to low power outlets and that they aren’t operating in the public interest by offering only conservative talk. 

The problem with Press (besides being a liberal) is that he is using selective examples to make his case.  Liberal talk radio has tried and failed many times.  Anyone remember former N.Y. Gov. Mario Cuomo’s talk show?  What about Jesse Jackson?  Was the failure of his show due to racial bias?  No, both shows failed because they weren’t very interesting or entertaining.  And as a result they didn’t make any money.

The failure of liberal talk radio in Washington and elsewhere isn’t the fault of what Press calls a conservative media conspiracy but the talk show hosts themselves who haven’t learned to educate and entertain at the same time and never attracted an audience that advertisers wanted to reach.

If Press would look in the mirror he would see the real reason for his failure.

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