Get them while they’re hot.  The New York Times has jumped on the CyberMonday bandwagon by discounting digital subscriptions through Tuesday morning.

From TheStreet.com

From 12AM EST on Monday, November 28, until 6AM EST on Tuesday, November 29, all new subscribers will save 50% on 26 weeks of any of The Times’s various digital subscription packages. In addition, 12- and 26-week gift subscriptions will be available at the same 50% savings. The Times began offering gift digital subscriptions earlier this week.

The 50% savings will extend to each of The Times’s digital packages: NYTimes.com and Smartphone App; NYTimes.com and Tablet App; and All Digital Access (unlimited access to NYTimes.com plus smartphone and tablet apps). More information about gift subscriptions is available here: NYTimes.com/Gift. Please check NYTimes.com on Monday for the Cyber Monday offering.

So if you just can’t live without the New York Times, now is your chance to get it on the cheap, or at least what qualifies for cheap these days.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA)  appearing on Meet the Press called for President Obama to announce a bold jobs program this week to the tune of $1 trillion.


What’s a trillion when you are trying to get people back to work before the 2012 elections?

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi stood squarely on President Obama’s side on Wednesday when she told the press that the president had listened over and over to the Republicans on the debt ceiling and that he knows the facts and nobody can out debate him.

Is she talking about the same president who said this the other day?:

“If we think it’s hard now, imagine how these guys are going to be thinking six months from now in the middle of election season, when they’re all up.  It’s not going to get easier, it’s going to get harder. So we might as well do it now; pull off the Band-Aid, eat our peas.”

Sounds a lot like when my parents used to tell me to eat my vegetables when I was a child.  That’s very presidential.

As for Pelosi’s statement that Obama listened to the GOP. He listened all right,  until the point he didn’t like what was being said and then walked out on negotiations.


Even though Barack Obama’s Twitter Town Hall consisted largely of carefully selected softball question tweets that didn’t stop users of the microblogging service from generating 169,395 tweets.

The breakdown according t TVNewser:

  • Jobs – 18,957
  • Budget – 15,000
  • Taxes – 14,777
  • Education – 8,833

Despite the preferential treatment and controlled questions Obama still managed to muff the answers according to the Associated Press who did  a quick fact check on the president’s answers.

My recommendation is that maybe next time e could have the answers appear to him in a tweet format via his teleprompter.

The Montgomery County Council just can’t tear itself away from the little blue pill as they voted to keep funding its use for county government workers though in a more limited fashion than in the past.

According to the Examiner the council over the objections of County Executive Isiah Leggett voted to fund six doses of the drug each month for county workers which is a change from the unlimited supply they had access to before.

Leggett a Democrat had argued that “lifestyle drugs” such as viagra which cost the county $400,000 last year should be eliminated to help close a $300 million budget shortfall.

But County Council member  Marc Elrich (D-At Large)  disagreed with Leggett  and told the Examiner that  it was a  quality of life issue which can affect relationships.

Because we know that relationships and in this case sexual relationships are far more important than being fiscally responsible and serving the taxpayers of Montgomery County which is what Elrich and his fellow council members were elected to do.

At least I’ll know that if my taxes go up in the future that I’ll be doing my part to keep county workers happy, very happy.

Unemployed citizens of central Florida are about to be rescued by a campaign to give them superhero capes to a lucky few all compliments of a state unemployment agency according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Dubbed the “Cape-A-Bility Challenge,” a $73,000 public-relations campaign by Workforce Central Florida features a cartoon character named “Dr. Evil Unemployment” and includes handing out about 6,000 red superhero capes to jobless Central Floridians.

The campaign, revealed Saturday in a report in the Orlando Sentinel, was met with derision by many unemployed who questioned spending more than $14,200 on capes and $2,300 on foam cutouts of “Dr. Evil Unemployment.” They said the campaign’s tone risked minimizing the severity of the region’s labor problems.

Dr. Evil?  Does he come with a Mini- Me? I hear former labor secretary Robert Reich may be available.

The “Cape-A-Bility Challenge” is part of an “Everyday Superheroes” theme the agency has adopted. Its website features videos of employers, job seekers and Wentworth in capes similar to those the agency plans to distribute to the unemployed.

Shot in slow-motion and underscored by a heroic soundtrack, Wentworth strikes a Superman pose, dramatically removing his glasses. In another scene he taps out a message on his BlackBerry.

While the $73,000 is a drop in the bucket to the $24  million in public money that the Workforce agency received it raises the question of  exactly how handing out 6,000 capes actually helps anyone find a job.  Do they expect these people to show up for job interviews wearing a cape and using their new found super powers and get a job?

Then again a lot of what the government does requires a bit of magic.

Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) warned that the U.S. could turn into another Greece if we don’t curb wasteful government spending.

Coburn faces a tough fight as most politicians, Republicans included can’t resist the urge to feed at the government trough and while Wallace calls him an alarmist on debt if he didn’t sound the alarm who would?

Tick, tick, tick goes the debt bomb.

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