Here we go again.

Mitt Romney the media anointed GOP presidential frontrunner had his Mormon faith questioned once again, more than three years after he thought he put the matter to rest with his “Mormon speech.”

The surprise though is that this time the attack on whether or not Mormons are Christians didn’t come from the Evangelical community of other religious groups that have a doctrinal difference with Mormons but by Saturday Fox and Friends host Ainsley Earhardt.

During a discussion on the Republican presidential hopefuls in which Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s viability was questioned Earhardt tried to single-handedly keep him alive by saying that Perry will get a lot of help from the Christian Coalition “with Romney obviously not being a Christian.”

Earhardt didn’t score any points for Perry with that statement especially since religion wasn’t a part of the discussion up to that point.

If Earhardt is going to attack someone’s religious faith, I suggest that she do her homework beforehand  and come back with some facts to make her case.  Otherwise she just looks like another media fool.

Watch the video.