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President Barack Obama may be a great orator, but as the new president he still has a lot to learn.

On Friday in an effort to win bipartisan support for his $825 billion stimulus package he met with GOP leaders at the White House and then promptly told them that “You can’t just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done,” which may have been in response to Limbaugh’s declaration that he wanted to see the president fail.

Obama also reminded the legislators that he won and that “I will trump you on that.” in reference to his stimulus package.

As you can imagine the remarks hit the news fast and furious and forced the White House to defend them by stating the president was being taken out of context and was trying to make a larger point.

What larger point? That he won the presidency and that his party holds such a commanding majority in the House and Senate that the GOP shouldn’t bother trying to defeat his legislative agenda? Or that Rush Limbaugh doesn’t truly represent mainstream America and taking his advice would be disastrous for the GOP?

Instead of coming across as someone who is seriously interested in reaching across the aisle Obama appears arrogant and smug, even elitist to some. That is not the image he needs if he plans to succeed over the next four years.

And why attack Limbaugh? Rush may be the number one talk radio host in America, but he is certainly no threat to Obama’s agenda. If he had the influence that the Democrats think he does, McCain would be in the White House and not Obama and the GOP would have regained their majority status instead of being pushed to the brink of obscurity.

Even worse for the White House is that by going after Limbaugh, he has given him plenty of material for his show for days if not weeks to come and will only bring more scrutiny of his suspect stimulus proposal.

Score this one Rush 1 Obama 0.