Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) denied that she has complained about Barack Obama  and she has actually been working  for him.

Waters appeared on the Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer and was asked about her complaining at town halls in August to which she shook her head and Told Blitzer that “i don’t complain, I work.”

Blitzer kept pressing Waters and she admitted that she didn’t know who Obama was talking t on Saturday night at the Congressional Black Caucus dinner when he told the audience to stop complaining, grumbling and whining and get in line behind him.

Waters did admit that Obama hasn’t focused on black unemployment and predicted that it will rise from the current 16.7% to 20% but that she will continue to support the American jobs act and the president.

Obama’s remarks have come under some scrutiny because he severely scolded the black community and with the exception of Waters no one complained that he was treating the CBC like a bunch of children that should just listen to their parents and not question authority.

As for Waters’ denying that she didn’t complain about Obama she must have forgotten that she accused the president of paying more attention to electoral votes in Iowa than the plight of unemployed blacks in August.  I guess that was then and this is now.