It’s been two weeks since the election, but you wouldn’t know it by the daily barrage of stories in the media of Republicans wallowing in their misery and trying to figure out how to fix their broken party.

Yes, the Republicans suffered a rather surprising defeat in the presidential election, but the Civil War that has been so heavily mentioned in the media within the party has largely been driven by the media would like nothing better than to see the party fight to the degree that they will be too weak to defend their turf in 2014.

Of course it hasn’t helped that several Republican leaders have bought into this notion and have run away from Mitt Romney and the Tea Party faster than you can say “boo,” but instead of banding together and putting up a united front, they have decided to play the blame game to the media’s delight.

There is no doubt that Romney should have won the election. But he was hobbled by a brutal primary campaign that gave the Democrats plenty of fodder for the general election.  The same could have been said had any of the other Republican candidates won the nomination as well, since the primary was more about beating each other up, than beating the president.

Romney was plagued by other problems as well, but when your party brings 2 million fewer voters to the polls than they did for John McCain, the problem is larger than the candidate.

And it wasn’t just the presidential race that was a problem.  The GOP lacks a credible system for vetting their Senate candidates and making sure they are media ready.  For two elections in a row, the Democrats were ready to give the Republicans majority control and twice the GOP ran unprepared candidates in key races and dug themselves a deeper hole.  They’ll have another chance in 2014, but they have to do a better job in selecting and preparing candidates were skewered by the media in 2010, and 2012.

The media has also been dancing prematurely on the grave of the Tea Party.  On the one hand the Tea Party suffered losses in key Senate and House races, but overall they still helped keep the Republicans in control of the House, and the incoming GOP freshmen are more conservative as a whole than those who lost their seats.  And the election did bring the party Ted Cruz in Texas who will be star for many years to come.

So to all those in the GOP who are whining and moaning about losing two weeks ago, stop it now, and start recruiting for 2014 and beyond and build a ground game.

And stop all the talk about how the party has to change.  If you can’t stick to your core principles, then get out!

The longer you complain the more the liberal media will divide you. And who needs four more years of the clowns at MSNBC whooping and hollering?

As a child returning to school in the fall I was often asked to write about what I did on my summer vacation.  If someone asked Jesse Jackson what he did this summer would he admit to spending part of his time at a town hall meeting race baiting his audience?  I doubt it.

Jackson:  And just call them Tea Party. This is the Fort Sumter Tea Party, as distinguished from the Boston Tea Party. The Boston Tea Party led the revolution against the corrupt occupying force from Britain. This—in this—this is in the lineage of Jeff Davis, of Robert E. Lee

Their first obsession is destroy the captain of the ship. If he said “Jump,” they say “No, Jump.” The first deal is to destroy the captain. They want to protect those on the deck. More and more of us are in the hull of that ship. And I would urge you tonight my friends to note that this is the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. The states’ rights group, they intend to take back the government and then take it back …. I would urge us don’t reduce this just to so-called “small group”—this is a struggle—this is a Civil War struggle. Are you with the Union or are you with the states’ rightists?

They want to undermine the 13th, 14th, 15th amendment. This is very serious. Remember on that Capitol, I said “We ain’t going back, surround”—say go—say go to Washington, surround the Capitol, demand jobs, demand the vote, protect it, now mass march on Washington for jobs and justice. Now.


Since Jackson is attacking the Tea Party and playing the race card his remarks will go largely unnoticed by the mainstream media because challenging Jackson would be politically incorrect and as far as the media is concerned a black person can’t be racist.

This isn’t exactly the civil tone that Obama was hoping for when he took office though he was directing his comments at the time to Republicans and not his fellow liberal Democrats whom he felt were guiltless of any rancor.