On Sunday’s State of the Union, CNN’s Candy Crowley had Obama senior campaign adviser David Axelrod squirming as he tried to explain how a second Obama administration would be different from the first.

Axelrod admitted that Obama isn’t happy with the economic results of the president’s first term, but they were making progress and that the country couldn’t afford to return to the policies of the past.

After Axelrod listed some of the things Obama would do in a second term, Crowley said that they weren’t specific and that they were really goals. She also added that none of the proposals that Axelrod mentioned have passed, in some cases after having been debated for two years.   Axelrod also failed to deliver when Crowley asked if their was going to be something new in  a second Obama term or will it be a “stay the course” administration, and replied with the same proposals that he had previously mentioned, which didn’t contain anything new as Crowley had suspected.

The presidential campaign hit a new low this week with the release of an ad by Obama SuperPAC Priorities USA Action suggesting that Mitt Romney was at least partly to blame for the death of a steelworker’s wife.

The ad featuring former steelworker Joe Soptic leaves viewers with the impression that GST Steel which was was owned by Bain Capital closed the Kansas City plant that Soptic worked at and the subsequent loss of insurance contributed to the death of his wife in 2006.

While the death of Soptic’s wife is tragic, there is more to the story than the ad tells.

The plant closed in 2001, but Romney had left active management of the firm in 1999 to run the 2002 Winter Olympics.  In addition to this, it turns out that Soptic’s wife actually had her own insurance through the company she was working fr and only lost that coverage when she left the company.  Her lack of insurance had nothing to do with Bain Capital or Romney, but you wouldn’t know it from watching the ad.

Soptic’s wife left her job sometime in 2002 or 2003 and the cancer was discovered in 2006 and she died 22 days after diagnosis.  Once again, while this is tragic it occurred long after Romney left Bain.

Negative campaigning is part of the political landscape and is here to stay.  However there are boundaries or at least should be and this ad clearly crossed them, by fudging the facts enough to try and convince voters that Romney was responsible for the death of a former employee’s wife.

Is the Obama campaign so desperate that they have to have their SuperPAC stoop to this level of attack to try and win the election?

What’s even more surprising about the ad and the controversy it has created is the fact that CNN of all people actually fact-checked it and found it off base.

Maybe there’s hope for CNN after all.

Actor Billy Baldwin, told Piers Morgan last week that his brother Alec Baldwin who he considers to be very bright and committed, but he may not be “cut from the proper cloth” because it requires a lot of tolerance and patience, which is not something that he is known for.

Baldwin also stated that while he is a supporter of President Obama and will vote for him again, that he is very disappointed with him on many levels, public education, the slow recovery and Wall Street.  He added that if the administration continues to act unethically like the Jon Corzine administration did, then it won’t be long before people take to the streets like the Rodney King situation.

That isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement for Obama, but Baldwin can’t bring himself to vote for Romney so his vote will be more anti-Romney than pro-Obama, which is likely to be repeated by other Hollywood liberals who find themselves at odds with the administration.

See the interview here.

CNN is in need of a detail oriented copy editor.

From TVNewser.

If you’re a self-appointed grammar cop and can’t stand the sight of a typo, listen up. CNN is looking for a copy editorto join its New York-based team.

In this role, you’ll fact-check and proofread every script before it goes to air. You’ll be responsible for elevating the level of copy, and scanning every piece of tape in program. Copy should be conversational and easy to understand for a morning audience, so you should be able to break down a complicated story and tell it in a clear and concise way.

To be considered, you should have at least three years of experience as a writer or copy editor at a cable news organization, broadcast network, or top ten market local TV newsroom. Naturally, you’ll need to be a creative mind with strong writing and editing skills, and you should be up on current events. Knowledge of libel laws is another must-have. Interested? Apply here.

It’s always encouraging when a news organization has a job opening considering how much they have been cutting back recently- CNN just pink slipped 50 staffers a couple of weeks ago.

Even more since they want  someone who is detail oriented.  Maybe that will also lead to fewer biased stories as well.

We can always hope even if it is CNN.

CNN anchor Don Lemon criticized GOP presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann for not veering from her campaign talking points but found room enough to praise former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin for being candid.

Lemon showed clips of Bachmann sticking to her talking points when being interviewed last Sunday after her victory in the Ames Straw Poll and gave her a small break by saying that the media was partially responsible since they asked her the same questions so she was likely to give the same answers.

It’s also called consistency.

What Bachmann is doing is playing it safe which is s smart strategy for someone who has never run for national office before and if the worst thing the media can criticize her for is repeating talking points then she is doing a pretty good job.

By sticking to her message Bachmann lessens the chances that she will make any major mistakes and that’s what Lemon is really complaining about.  The lack of opportunity to nail Bachmann to the wall.

Surprisingly Lemon praised Palin for being what he called “refreshingly candid” in his interview with her over the weekend but Palin has had the advantage of running for national office and is now much more at ease in speaking to the media off the cuff.

Lemon claimed that his goal is to get politicians of all stripes to dump the talking points and said that he will be watching President Obama’s bus tour for the reason but don’t expect much of the same criticism heaped on Bachmann no matter how many times he repeats the same talking points as he did yesterday in Minnesota.