During a discussion on voting rights MSNBC Hardball host Chris Matthews told his guests that older people don’t drive cars therefore laws that require identification for voting would disenfranchise them.

Matthews: People in their 80’s don’t drive cars thank God. People in their late 70’s may stop driving. They don’t have driver’s license’s. they don’t deal with the government, they don’t have an  i.d. card.

Less than a minute later Matthews said that older people don’t drive.

Since when?  My father drove until he was 81 when a stroke incapacitated him.   A few years ago I was a passenger in a car on more than one occasion with a woman who was in her late 80’s on the freeway in Southern California no less. And just last week I was with an 87-year old man driving a car in New Mexico.

These people aren’t an aberration they are very much the norm in a society that is getting older.  And what about Florida?  Does Matthews thinks that the retirees living there only take buses and cabs to get around?

Liberals like Matthews make it seem that if a person doesn’t drive obtaining a government issued i.d. card  to vote would be a great burden when it would probably take less time than getting a driver’s license.

This isn’t about disenfranchised voters but about allowing anyone and everyone to vote which benefits the liberal candidates at the expense of those that want fair ad hones elections.

Watch the video.