Conservatives who use the microblogging site Twitter now have a new web site to not only get ranked but to find new followers.  Yet as with all new sites this one could use some tweaking to make it more useful.

The site which is called Top Conservatives on Twitter or TCOT for short had close to 500 twitters ranked as of early this morning and continues to expand at a rapid pace.

When I learned about this page I submitted my info and the next day was ranked 79th.  As the day progressed I dropped to 96th and then to 101st early this morning.

The reason for my drop wasn’t due to my lack of using the service but due to the fact that I wasn’t adding followers fast enough to keep up with the competition.

As I looked at the rankings I spotted a flaw in my mind with the follower based rankings.  I was ahead of Mary Katherine Ham who is far for influential than I am but isn’t particularly active on Twitter.

If you look at the other names ahead of me and Mary Katherine you will find people that you never heard of and whose circle of influence is quite small in the conservative arena.  Also it isn’t clear that everyone on the list is actually conservative and many of them rarely issue updates.  What good is that?

I suspect a large number of the ranked twitterer’s are just looking for more followers and love the idea that they get ranked for just adding followers no matter what their political leanings are.

There are also people on the list who no longer have accounts on twitter for some reason, yet there they will probably remain distorting the rankings.

I readily admit that my criticisms are motivated by the fact that my ranking is lower than what I think it should be.  But I don;t see why someone with 700 followers but 100 updates should be ranked ahead of me when I have over 1,900 updates just because I don’t have as many followers.

There probably isn’t a best method for these rankings, but I think in fairness to the active twitterer’s some consideration should be given to the updates so that it doesn’t just become a horse race for followers.  Of course that isn’t perfect either as people could just send a ton of one word or spam tweets just to get their update count up.

In any event if you aren’t using Twitter you should and if you are conservative sign up on the TCOT page and get ranked.  I’ll even follow you.