Joy Behar didn’t take too kindly to actor Kirk Cameron’s remarks on homosexuality on the Piers Morgan show.

Morgan: Do You think homosexuality is a sin?

Cameron: I think that it’s unnatural, I think that its detrimental and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization.

Behar was livid and asked why they (homophobes) have to speak out against people who are just living their lives?

First of all Cameron was just exercising his right to free speech which Behar seems to want to stifle since she disagrees with him on this issue.

Second, as Behar well know not all gays are just living their lives.  Many of them are activists and have pushed their agenda on the rest of the population whether it’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, gay marriage or numerous other issues that try to mainstream their behavior.

Behar reminded us once again of the adage that free speech is for me but not for thee if you happen to be a conservative.


The presidential campaign took a nasty turn in Maryland when a local hotel erected a large McCain-Palin sign on their premises in a largely black area last week.

Last Sunday evening the Colony South Hotel and Conference Center located in Clinton, MD had the audacity of placing  a sign supporting the GOP presidential ticket in an area that is overwhelingly throwing it’s support to Democratic nominee Barack Obama.

The backlash from the community was strong as incensed residents flooded the local NAACP office with phone calls expressing their anger and community activists began calling for a boycott of the hotel.

One community activist (or maybe a community organizer like Obama) told the Washington Post that people he spoke to saw the sign as a  “slap in the face” and was “blatant disrespect”.

Or as political professor Ron Walters of the University of Maryland  told the Post, the sign which was in “an area that  is strongly African American was like putting a stink bomb in the middle of the living room”.

So when a small business exercises its right to free speech, just because the speech doesn’t fit the community’s ideal of what that should be they should be punished with boycotts and name calliing?  On the other hand employees and businesses that openly flout their support of Barack Obama are praised for taking a stand.

The hotel has hosted events for many local Democrats over the years and apparently the residents just assumed that the owners were on their side idealogically which turned out to be a false assumption.  The general manager told the Post that the “last thing we want to do is to lose business”.  And to make sure that they don’t the sign was removed on Wednesday.

Instead of criticizing the hotel and calling for a boycott, the activists and the local NAACP should be educating the public that individuals and businesses have a right to support the candidate of their choice even if it goes against what is considered the community norm.  The same people who preach about ending discrimination and racism have practiced this very same thing against the hotel.

The  hotel should stand  its ground and not give in any further to the Obama bullies and their ilk.