Longtime “60 Minutes” correspondent is a member of the old boys network and wants the  Century Asoociation in Manhattan to resist efforts to sever ties with the all-male Garricks in London.

In a series of e-mails obtained by the New York Times Safer expressed his displeasure at a vote on the matter by saying:

What will be next? Disassociation with clubs that do not cater to vegans on their menus? Kosher dining rooms? Special facilities for nudists and transsexuals? Abolition of ‘Centurion’ to describe our members, given that the term is, according to the OED, derived from the all-male Roman army?

Safer’s comments may be a little far fetched to some but even he realized that once you crack open the door the floodgates are then opened any idea no matter how crazy could become a reality.

He also referred to a important female member as “whining,” “self-pitying” and “vindictive.”

When contacted by the Times Safer didn’t deny that he had written the e-mails but regretted that they had become public.

You don’t day?  Safer is definitely naive when it comes to thinking that his  e-mails wuld remain private but at least he had the courage to take a stand against a ludicrious policy.