Whew! For a minute there I thought the pseudo conservative Joe Scarborough was actually going to leave MSNBC for greener pastures. But as the New York Post’s Page Six reports he isn’t going anywhere.

“Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough insists that he and Mika Brzezinski are happy at MSNBC and are not shopping a new show around to other networks. We’d heard that the co-hosts of MSNBC’s popular morning show were looking for a syndication deal and that CBS was interested. We also heard from multiple sources that “Morning Joe” executive producer Chris Licht was reaching out to other networks for a new job in case Scarborough and Brzezinski left. But Scarborough tells Page Six, “Mika and I are not ‘shopping’ a show to anyone. Nor have we since ‘Morning Joe’ was launched in 2007. Since that time, Mika and I have loved working side by side with Chris Licht and consider him to be a part of our family. Mika, Chris and I hope to be working together for decades to come. Anyone suggesting otherwise is not telling the truth.”

More likely is that Joe did shop around and found no takers.

The pair hosted a radio program a few years ago and it rapidly faded from view when it couldn’t attract listeners or advertisers.

Maybe Joe and Mika can sell the MSNBC audience but on a larger stage they just aren’t that interesting.