Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN)

Nearly 1,500 conservative activists gathered in Minneapolis yesterday to kick off the 4th annual RightOnline conference.

RightOnline which is billed as the anti-Netroots Nation conference has held its conference in the same city and the same time as the far left Netroots conference .  And this weekend it’s even at the same hotel that many of the Netrooters are staying at making for some interesting conversation in the elevators.

Yesterday attendees spent the morning learning how to be better online activists including beginners classes to the internet, blogging and Twitter as well as hearing from individuals and organizations who have been successful in using the internet to expose government corruption by using investigative journalism skills.

The opening general session included a parade of speakers from online activist Melissa Clouthier, @melissatweets, John Hinderaker of Powerline who announced the $100,000 Powerline Prize, Ann McElhinney who wowed the crowd with her crusade against CFL light bulbs and Conservatives in Name Only, Minnesota Rep. John Kline and concluding with Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) who gave an impassioned plea to keep government out of regulating technology.

The afternoon was filled with more panels on activism  including a session on How to use the Freedom of Information Act Effectively and Internet Freedom.

The dinner was highlighted by the Wall Street Journal’s John Fund entertaining the audience with his story of growing up in California and insights to conservative icon Ronald Reagan.

After dinner the attendees were treated to the thoughts and musings of Andrew Breitbart who has doggedly pursued liberals by exposing their lies and hypocrisy on the internet and who helped bring down Rep. Anthony Weiner.

The evening ended with a screening of The Undefeated a new film by Steve Bannon about Sarah Palin and her amazing rise from an obscure mayor in Wasilla, Alaska to the GOP vice-presidential nominee in 2008 and now conservative heroine to many.

As Fund said earlier in the evening he noticed during his visit to Netroots Nation that everything they were doing focused on defense.  By contrast RightOnline is all about going on offense and not being complacent about the Republican victories  across the country in 2010 because the fight is far from over.