Joy Behar didn’t take too kindly to actor Kirk Cameron’s remarks on homosexuality on the Piers Morgan show.

Morgan: Do You think homosexuality is a sin?

Cameron: I think that it’s unnatural, I think that its detrimental and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization.

Behar was livid and asked why they (homophobes) have to speak out against people who are just living their lives?

First of all Cameron was just exercising his right to free speech which Behar seems to want to stifle since she disagrees with him on this issue.

Second, as Behar well know not all gays are just living their lives.  Many of them are activists and have pushed their agenda on the rest of the population whether it’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, gay marriage or numerous other issues that try to mainstream their behavior.

Behar reminded us once again of the adage that free speech is for me but not for thee if you happen to be a conservative.


Joy Behar will soon be back to one job, co-hosting The View on ABC now that her HLN show has been canceled so she is amping up her liberal political side again on the daytime show.

In a discussion this week about Obama’s job performance, Behar lauded Obama for saving General Motors ( at what cost?) and a minute later mentioned the health care law admitting that it was flawed but that Truman couldn’t make it work either.

That sounds like someone who knew it wasn’t going to work from the start, but thought it was worth the time and expense to Americans to foist it upon them.

The fun starts at the one-minute mark.

Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar sound off against GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann’s signing of a pledge against gay marriage and pornography.

The pledge issued by Iowa group The Family Leader has since been amended to remove the reference to slavery but that wasn’t good enough for Whoopi.

While there is no defense for the slavery section at least it has been removed so Whoopi should just calm down.  It’s so typical of liberals like her to see racism in everything conservatives do and this is no exception.

As for Behar she made light of the gay issue by saying Bachmann had 150 foster kids and one of them was bound to be gay and that no one believes that being gay is a choice.  Really?  I know plenty of people who think exactly that and take issue with the so called science claiming that homosexuality is genetic.

Also Behar poked fun at the anti-pornography clause of The Family Leader’s pledge by telling the audience that if porn is banned wives will have to sleep with their husbands again.  Where is NOW when you need them?

Pornography is one of the most destructive addictions on the planet and has destroyed countless lives and marriages and resulted in women being verbally and physically abused.  And Behar is making fun of it.  Women’s rights groups should be outraged that she said this but since Behar is a liberal she will get off scot-free.

The lone conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck didn’t help Bachmann by saying that teh signing of the pledge effectively put the nail in her coffin for her presidential hopes.