The October 28th episode of House, M.D. on Fox may have broken new ground regarding lesbian relationships on prime time television.

In the opening frame of this episode the female doctor known as 13 wakes up after a one-night stand with another woman whom she doesn’t know.  Then  as she is getting ready for work  her lover has a medical emergency requiring hospitalization.  This puts 13 in an uncomfortable position as her lesbian lifetsyle has now been exposed and she is supposed to help solve the medical mystery of her latest lover to whom she made it clear she doesn’t want to see again.

During all of this House is making his usual number of crude references and seems facsinated about 13’s choices while giving short shrift to the dangers of this type of behavior.

Since this show is very popular the writers know that they can probably push the envelope and not lose viewers but ending the show with a lesbian kiss was just a little too much for the 8 p.m. hour when there are still plenty of children watching t.v.  House certainly isn’t a role model for anyone with his abuse of prescription drugs and  questionable ethics, but going into the bedroom issues which should remain private is stretching the plot line of the show.

I don’t know if this storyline will continue in future episodes but if the lesbian lifestyle is normalized on the show they will lose viewers who want a medical drama without the political correcteness thrown in.