Last night on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews  during a discussion of  Saturday’s GOP debate, Newsweek’s Michelle Goldberg said the debates diminish the Republican party because it’s such a race to the bottom.

Goldberg added that Fred Barnes was wrong when he wrote that the liberal media is making the GOP look bad at the debates and that “The Republican candidates are making themselves look bad all by themselves, ” and that they are “diminished by this process because it’s such a race to the bottom, but that’s where their base is.”

Leave it to Matthews to bring on yet another Obama cheerleader to disparage the Republicans, while praising Obama’s less than sterling performance on “^0” Minutes Sunday night by calling him “dignified.”

Matthews and other members of the mainstream media are truly enjoying watching the Republican presidential nomination play out and only add credence to Barnes’ assertion that the liberal media  is making more out of the entire process than is deserved.

Watch the segment here.