Occupy D.C. is still alive and well much to the consternation of residents in the Petworth section of Washington.

The Washington Post reported last week that what is left of the movement has taken over a house since being booted from McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza and has been driving neighbors crazy.

One resident,  58-year old Robert Joyner, told the Post that he had never even heard of the Occupy Wall Street movement, and that he isn’t too happy about their current location next door.

I don’t even know who these people are. I’ve never seen them before. They beat bongos. They play guitar. They stay up all night. And they [have sex] on the porch.

According to the Post more than three dozen protesters have lived in the “Occuhouse” in recent months and that they have rigged illegal electrical lines to power the house.

The occupiers think they are involved in what they call “land liberation” –which involves moving into bank owned properties, fixing them up and inviting homeless families to move in. The only problem is that that the home isn’t owned by a bank, but by a local real estate agent who has been trying to regain control of the property since 2008.

Her efforts have been largely stymied by the city’s bureaucracy, so the occupiers have remained in place.

In the meantime the rats, the trash and the illegal electrical lines remain- though Pepco was planning to send out a crew to disconnect them.

Even though they are clearly squatting, it’s unlikely that the D.C. government will do anything in the near future to return the house to its rightful owner, leaving the neighbors to endure the disruptions for the foreseeable future.