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Republicans in Maryland are partying today like it’s 2002, after businessman Larry Hogan beat Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown by a 51.5% to 46.8% margin and in the process becoming the first Republican to hold that office since Bob Ehrlich won a dozen years ago.

Hogan ran a smart campaign by focusing on jobs, taxes and the state of the Maryland economy, reminding voters that the O’Malley-Brown administration was responsible for over 40 tax increases during the last eight years and that i was time for a change which fit perfectly with his Change Maryland group which he started several years ago and served as the base for his campaign launch.

This election was much like 2002 when Ehrlich, ran against Lt. Gov. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend- who added her maiden name in an effort to try and woo voters who liked the Kennedy clan, but who was a very weak candidate much like Anthony Brown was this year.

Brown was handicapped by the tax and spend record of the Democrats and failed miserably in trying to spark any enthusiasm from the Democratic base.

Even so, the race was Browns to lose with a 2-1 registration advantage that should have all but guaranteed him a victory.

Instead he stumbled much like Townsend did by losing counties that O’Malley had either won or was competitive in his two victories.

Here were the keys to Hogan’s victory;

Baltimore County – won by 52,000 votes which is comparable to Ehrlich’s 64,000 vote margin in 2002.  In 2006 the margin was just 8,000 votes and in 2010 he lost by 1,000 votes.

Howard County- won by 5,000 votes.  Ehrlich’s margin of victory  in 2002 was 10,000, but lost Howard by less than 700 votes in 2006 and 10,000 in 2010.

Montgomery County- lost by 61,000 votes. Ehrlich lost by 67,000 in 2002, but that grew to 78,000 in 2006 and 109,000 in 2010.

By winning Baltimore and Howard and reducing the deficit in Montgomery, Hogan robbed Brown of the votes he needed to offset the traditional Republican strongholds on the Eastern shore and Western Maryland and cleared a path to victory.

Hogan was criticized by some Republicans for spending so much time and money in Montgomery County, where it’s virtually impossible for a Republican to win, but the goal wasn’t to win as much as it was to get 40% of the vote.  Hogan fell short of that with almost 37%, but that was far better than Ehrlich’s 30.5% in 2010 comparable to Ehrlich’s 38% from his winning campaign in 2002.

The Brown campaign may go down as the worst Democratic gubernatorial effort in Maryland history, as he garnered 43,00 fewer votes than Townsend- who was the standard bearer of bad campaigns until yesterday and was a whopping 275,000 votes less than O’Malley received in 2010.  All this while Hogan increased the Republican vote totals by 70,000 and was more than Ehrlich had managed to get in the last two elections.

While winning the governor’s race is a big deal in deep blue Maryland, the reality is that Hogan will be severely limited in what he can accomplish over the next four years as he still faces an overwhelmingly Democratic state legislature, but any progress he makes by blocking and  slowing down ruinous Democratic policies will be a victory for all Marylanders.


The disastrous rollout of the Affordable Care Act website-healthcare.gov has resulted in conservatives and Republicans in Congress to once again call for the repeal of Obamacare and earned the enmity of liberals who are confident that the problems that have occurred will be fixed and that the law will be a success.

What liberals like Chris Matthews rail about on a regular basis is the lack of a Republican alternative as if they need to create one.  The fact of the matter is that they do have an alternative plan.  Go back to what was in effect before Obamacare was passed.

Granted that it wasn’t a perfect system, but based on what has transpired in the last seven weeks, with the government website failing miserably along with many poorly performing state exchanges and millions of people being sent insurance cancellations notices, it is very clear that the old system was far better than Obamacare.

Instead of a free market system where individuals were able to choose the benefits and plans that they wanted and could afford, we now have a system that forces insurers to provide certain benefits- like pregnancy, whether or not a person wants or needs it, covers pre-existing conditions and expands Medicaid in states that opt-in, which drive up the cost of health care for everyone.

And while the Obama administration said that the goal was to insure the 30-40 million Americans who didn’t qualify for insurance due to their medical condition, or couldn’t afford it, the reality is that the law will wind up helping less than half that number, while adding yet to be determined costs to the health care system.

So in effect we have overhauled a system, that while imperfect was working t help maybe 12 million people out of the 315 million people living in this country.

Not only that but while people are being sent cancellation notices and being given more expensive alternatives, the taxpayers will be subsidizing many of the newly insured through tax credits that the government will give them to make insurance more affordable.  So the affordable in the Affordable Care Act needs an asterisk that should say it’s only affordable if you can get a  direct taxpayer subsidy.

Don’t forget that Obama promised that people could keep their plan and their doctor if they wanted to when he was pitching Obamacare even though he knew that it wasn’t the truth.  Even with his edict telling insurance companies to reinstate canceled plans, that doesn’t solve the problem.  For some reason Obama thinks that insurance companies and state insurance commissioners will be able to magically flip a switch and put everything back the way it was.

If you wanted a  good example of a nanny state- Obamacare is a poster child for it.

Maybe we should consider ourselves lucky that we only got stuck with Obamacare and not what the Democrats really wanted- a single payer system.

Talk about the lesser of two evils.

It’s been two weeks since the election, but you wouldn’t know it by the daily barrage of stories in the media of Republicans wallowing in their misery and trying to figure out how to fix their broken party.

Yes, the Republicans suffered a rather surprising defeat in the presidential election, but the Civil War that has been so heavily mentioned in the media within the party has largely been driven by the media would like nothing better than to see the party fight to the degree that they will be too weak to defend their turf in 2014.

Of course it hasn’t helped that several Republican leaders have bought into this notion and have run away from Mitt Romney and the Tea Party faster than you can say “boo,” but instead of banding together and putting up a united front, they have decided to play the blame game to the media’s delight.

There is no doubt that Romney should have won the election. But he was hobbled by a brutal primary campaign that gave the Democrats plenty of fodder for the general election.  The same could have been said had any of the other Republican candidates won the nomination as well, since the primary was more about beating each other up, than beating the president.

Romney was plagued by other problems as well, but when your party brings 2 million fewer voters to the polls than they did for John McCain, the problem is larger than the candidate.

And it wasn’t just the presidential race that was a problem.  The GOP lacks a credible system for vetting their Senate candidates and making sure they are media ready.  For two elections in a row, the Democrats were ready to give the Republicans majority control and twice the GOP ran unprepared candidates in key races and dug themselves a deeper hole.  They’ll have another chance in 2014, but they have to do a better job in selecting and preparing candidates were skewered by the media in 2010, and 2012.

The media has also been dancing prematurely on the grave of the Tea Party.  On the one hand the Tea Party suffered losses in key Senate and House races, but overall they still helped keep the Republicans in control of the House, and the incoming GOP freshmen are more conservative as a whole than those who lost their seats.  And the election did bring the party Ted Cruz in Texas who will be star for many years to come.

So to all those in the GOP who are whining and moaning about losing two weeks ago, stop it now, and start recruiting for 2014 and beyond and build a ground game.

And stop all the talk about how the party has to change.  If you can’t stick to your core principles, then get out!

The longer you complain the more the liberal media will divide you. And who needs four more years of the clowns at MSNBC whooping and hollering?

In an interview with Charlie Rose, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said that she doesn’t approve of Congress and blamed the Republicans for blocking the president’s agenda.

Rose: Americans in overwhelming numbers show that they don’t approve of the Congress. Why do you think that is?

Pelosi: Well they don’t see- I don’t approve of the Congress, so count me among them.  The fact is that we’ve had a period of time where ther’s been obstruction to anything the president wants to do. The public isn’t aware of the process…

Rose reminded Pelosi that Obama had overwhelming majorities in Congress during his first two years to which she replied that they had approval ratings of 40% and now it’s at 25%.  Actually according to Gallup during Pelosi’s tenure as Speaker, Congress’ approval ratings were 23% and 25% respectively, though they have fallen even further since then.

The fact is that even with large majorities in Congress the Democrats struggled to pass the legislation that the administration wanted so it wasn’t just the GOP that stymied the administration and made Pelosi one of the most ineffective Speaker’s in history.

Maybe if they had spent more time on actually trying to pass substantive legislation rather than name post offices, they might not have lost control of the House in 2010.

Of course if she doesn’t approve she could always leave, but Pelosi is delusional enough to believe that she will get her old job back so she is sticking around for now.

By Wes  Vernon

The voters of Maryland’s Eighth Congressional District have an opportunity in that state’s primary next Tuesday (April 3) to send to the House of Representatives a candidate who—metaphorically speaking—knows “where the bodies are buried” in this town. He has been investigating evil-doers for years. From Day One, this candidate would know exactly how to go about gathering information needed to legislate and investigate. Maybe that’s why he is being ignored by local media lords.

The heretofore liberal Eighth District is not used to hearing from such as serious candidate Kenneth R. Timmerman,  investigating author, journalist, and activist. Perhaps the powers that be live in fear of what he will find out once he reaches Capitol Hill.

Why, he is Executive Director of the Foundation for Democracy in Iran.  That organization —as its name suggests—works to support a free Iran, hopefully unencumbered by an Islamist theocracy such as the current regime whose warlike ambitions threaten the free world with a nuclear holocaust.

Ken Timmerman warned of that danger years ago in his book The Coming Nuclear Showdown with Iran. Powerful people would prefer that the voters not notice that years of abject failure in foreign policy has led to that very real threat to American lives on American soil, to say nothing of our allies.

No sacred cows

Mr. Timmerman— whose writings have rattled many cages where America’s enemies and their apologists dwell—seeks the Republican nomination for Congress in a newly drawn district in and around Washington’s Maryland suburbs and farther out rural communities. He deserves the backing of every patriot in these United States.

The candidate in fact has been investigating government corruption and the sell-off of our national security for nearly thirty years. As is the case with any journalist who follows the truth wherever it leads, Ken has had his run-ins with those in high places and within the mainstream media who dare not venture beyond the boundaries of establishment conventional pieties.

Targets of the Timmerman writings have included (but not limited to) so-called “honor killings” which are murders of “infidels” committed (and sometimes covered up) right here in the United States; the extortion racket perpetrated by Jesse Jackson; the whole story of the Clinton administration’s corrupt relationships with Communist China, (a real-life drama rife with Tammany Hall-style corruption played out on the international stage, complete with added threats to America’s security); and how the French government of Jacques Chirac stabbed America in the back when our troops were fighting in Iraq.  Lots of people in Washington would not want an investigator with that track record to show up and –just for starters—ask probing/embarrassing questions at committee hearings.


If he takes the oath of office as a new lawmaker from Maryland, a Rep. Kenneth Timmerman will give the job the tremendous amount of focused energy he has expended on everything he has pursued in his busy life, and with the passion of the respected conservative activist he has been in the years I have known him.

National Defense—“It is imperative that we maintain an America’s standing in the world,” Timmerman says, “and not bow and kow-tow to tyrants and dictators.”

Largely because of that pro-American mindset, the candidate has been endorsed by such notables in the national security field as former Ambassador John Bolton; former CIA Director James Woolsey; Reagan Navy Secretary John Lehman; Frank Gaffney, veteran of the Reagan Pentagon, now President of the Center for Security Policy; Andrew McCarthy, lead prosecutor in famous terrorism cases, including 12 defendants convicted in the first world Trade Center bombing; as well as veteran actor/talkshow host/ former Congressman Fred Grandy and his wife Catherine Mann Grandy, both known best in recent years for their forthright stands against America’s enemies. (Not news, according to the local sheet owned by the Washington Post. Surprise!)

Count on a Congressman Timmerman to raise the profile of what will be one of the most deadly threats in this nation’s history: Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP)—an expected attack (not if, but when) on the nation’s power grid.

Enemies are fully aware that this solar flare has the potential to knock us back into the 18th Century leading over time to massive starvation and widespread death. Timmerman cites experts in the field who have warned America is woefully unprepared to counteract an EMP attack . Local media attention to this threat has been the rough equivalent of ho-hum.

Other national security stands taken by candidate Timmerman include 1—Get the EPA and President Obama’s other heavy-handed regulators off the backs of energy explorers “so we can become truly energy independent.” 2—Secure our borders immediately; Enforce the immigration laws; no more sanctuary cities; Support E-Verify—to make sure prospective employees are eligible for employment in the U.S., so as to “put Americans back to work and help small businesses.” Tsk! Tsk! What will the corrupt Casa de Maryland say about that?

Oh, yes, and to make certain that our democracy should be protected against widespread voter fraud Ken Timmerman favors Voter IDs at the polling place. Joseph Stalin himself said it’s not the people who vote who count; it’s the people who count the votes.

Chris Van Hollen, the incumbent Democrat and Nancy Pelosi right-hand man whom Timmerman seeks to challenge, says that asking for a photo ID in order to cast a legal ballot amounts to voter intimidation. Ah, yes! Who hasn’t had the horrifying experience of trying mightily to withdraw $50 from one’s bank account only to be asked by an insensitive bank teller to produce a picture ID? All over the land, innocent Americans are running from banks screaming “Intimidation!”  Happens every day in this evil society.

The economy

“The best way to create jobs,” opines Timmerman, “is through growth, not out-of-control government programs [that cripple] the productive economy.”

How can we expect businesses to grow by investing and hiring if “they don’t know what their future taxes, healthcare costs and regulatory mandates will be?” asks candidate Timmerman.

The Marylander says taxes and the threat of more taxes and more regulations will spook the economy every time. That is exactly what is happening right now. Indeed, one could argue that the much-maligned Bush tax cuts would have been more effective had the Democrats not insisted on putting an expiration date on them. That was an openly-advertized built-in threat to slap down small business owners just as they would hope to be expanding and regaining economic stability.

List Kenneth R. Timmerman as an advocate of the Fair Tax, where the income tax and the IRS are simultaneously eliminated. Instead he favors a tax tied to consumer purchases, but with this important caveat: “There is no way I will favor a national consumer tax with the income tax system still in place.” The 16th (income tax) Amendment to the Constitution would first have to be repealed.

Tax reform, he adds, would have to be tied to entitlement reform. Timmerman sees that as “the Great White Whale about to sink our economy…..and our seniors and the poor will be left to fend for themselves.”

Put it this way: Does anyone really believe we can continue indefinitely to retain entitlement statutes programmed in such a way as to take in through taxes $895 billion and spend $2,070 billion?(the 2010 figures). Comment: Local media can’t count its change, I guess.

A new Social Contract in America, Timmerman believes, should be “fair, broad-based” and “will prompt many Americans who otherwise don’t pay any attention to the cost or size of government to start asking questions: Why am I paying so much? What is the government doing with all that money? Do we really need all these programs?”

Above all, be assured a newly-minted Congressman Timmerman will vote “aye” on legislation that repeals Obamacare—arguably the biggest monkey wrench to economic growth ever rammed through the Hill, or as the congressional hopeful puts it, “a scandalous government monstrosity.”

The social issues

      The would-be congressman advocates that we “promote a culture of life, not a culture that promotes abortion-on-demand at any stage of pregnancy as a ‘choice.’ This starts by supporting the family as the bedrock of our society, and by supporting nonprofit organizations that help women in need of health care, counseling, and other support.”  Partial-birth abortion, he contends, is “an abomination.” He would defund Planned Parenthood.

History and issues

The Eighth Congressional District has long been anchored in super-liberal Montgomery County. That has been the source of Democrat Van Hollen’s strength.

But the newly-redistricted map has added the more conservative and Republican-leaning Frederick and Carroll counties so that now Maryland’s Eighth is about 50.7% Democrat and nearly 49.3% Republican and independent. That means  this time Christopher Van Hollen will have to fight to keep his seat. And Ken Timmerman comes to the voters presenting his application and qualifications to replace the ten-year incumbent.

Van Hollen has got to go

The challenger cites Van Hollen’s role as chairman and ranking member of the House budget Committee where he eagerly assisted in racking up “a breathtaking $5 trillion in new debt.” Chris Van Hollen “had his chance to put our finical house in order,” adds Timmerman, “He failed. [Chris Van Hollen] has got to go.”

But first..

The GOP primary is just days away. Again, it will be this coming Tuesday. Timmerman’s opponents include Shelly Skolnick (an advocate of higher taxes and pro-abortion policies); David Wallace, who doesn’t even live in the district; and Gus Alzona, who wants to repeal the post 9/11 Patriot Act.

By all counts, Timmerman has the best chance of defeating Chris Van Hollen in November. Congress needs a professional investigator who would fill a special role on Capitol Hill that would bring sunshine to the unhealthy collusion between the Federal Government on one hand, and big government and big labor on the other (for which Obamacare was the poster child).

Those who believe it is time to upset some all-too-cozy applecarts can go to www.timmermanforcongress.com and click on Donate to make a contribution.

The Timmerman campaign has gained incredible traction because the candidate is so obviously meant for the job. But the liberal media in the district has all but blacked out the mere mention of his name.

Pro-Americans all across the nation can strike back with a donation right now.  Such contributions will be put to good use, enabling him to go over the heads of the self-appointed media gatekeepers and make direct contact with the voters of Maryland’s Eighth congressional district. Time is short.

2012 may be our last chance to prevent this nation from going off a cliff. A well-qualified investigator would be just the right man at the right time.

Wes Vernon is a Washington-based writer and veteran broadcast journalist. He lives in Maryland’s Eighth congressional district.

Now that the payroll tax holiday has passed and will remain in effect through the end of 2012, the question remains as to what happens next year.

President Obama and the Democrats have promoted the tax holiday as a middle class tax cut benefiting the average worker to the tune of $1,000 per year or roughly a $20 a week boost to workers  paychecks.   Since that tax holiday went in to effect in 2010 the real effect is that workers won’t see that $20 a week benefit disappear this year.  Next year however could be a different question.

When the talk of an extension came up late last year, Republicans demanded that there should be spending cuts to offset the drain on the Treasury and more specifically the Social Security Trust Fund so that the tax holiday wouldn’t cost the government any more money than it already had in terms of increasing the deficit.

The president along with the Democrats in the House and some help from the mainstream media portrayed the GOP as cold-hearted and not wanting to give middle income Americans a much needed tax cut. Plus it was only temporary.

This was a very effective strategy, as Congress passed a two-month extension so they could go home for Christmas and in essence punted the ball into 2012.  When the time came to deal with the “tax cut”,  Republicans seemed to have lost their resolve and passed an extension without demanding that it be paid for somewhere else in the budget.

Score this as a victory for Obama, but a loss for taxpayers and their future generations who will eventually have to foot the bill for this folly.

For the Democrats it was all part of a strategy of pulling together a populist message that was also a pocketbook issue in an election year.  Who cares about paying the Piper when you have an election to win? Certainly not House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who told PBS Newshour’s Judy Woodruff that she wasn’t worried about how the reduced payroll contributions will be repaid by saying “I think that this should be the last year for it. One or two years, no, the trust fund can handle that.”

What’s $70 billion in lost revenue when you have a national debt of over $15 trillion?

The bigger problem with the “tax cut” as Obama prefers to refer to it is how do they revert to the old rate once the extension expires without calling it a tax increase as the president accused Republicans who were against the extension of favoring.  Oh yeah I forgot.  It will be after the election which Obama hopes will result in a second term and by that point he will find another way to rephrase it so that he doesn’t look like the bad guy.

In the end this supposed “tax cut” will do little to stimulate the economy as most workers have either been saving the extra money in their paycheck or spending it on gas which is soaring towards record highs instead of making purchases of items that help create new jobs.

Even Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner admits that one result will be that we will have to increase our debt ceiling limit ahead of schedule which should give voters a clue of the bum hand that they have been dealt by Obama and the Democrats.

Tick, Tick, Tick goes the debt bomb.





ABC News reported today that at a fundraising event  in San Francisco, President Obama warned his supporters that if he loses his reelection bid next year that they had better get used to the end of government hand-outs.

“The one thing that we absolutely know for sure is that if we don’t work even harder than we did in 2008, then we’re going to have a government that tells the American people, ‘you are on your own,’” Obama told a crowd of 200 donors over lunch at the W Hotel.

“If you get sick, you’re on your own. If you can’t afford college, you’re on your own. If you don’t like that some corporation is polluting your air or the air that your child breathes, then you’re on your own,” he said. “That’s not the America I believe in. It’s not the America you believe in.”

Apparently he believes that America should be practicing socialism and not capitalism.

Obama also went after the banks and the health care industry as well as taking a shot at those that have sought to curtail the power of unions.

“I reject an argument that says we’ve got to roll back protections that ban hidden fees by credit card companies, or rules that keep our kids from being exposed to mercury, or laws that prevent the health insurance industry from exploiting people who are sick,” Obama said. “And I reject the idea that somehow if we strip away collective bargaining rights, that we’ll be somehow better off.

“We should not be in a race to the bottom where we take pride in having the cheapest labor and the most polluted air and the least protected consumers,” he said.

Forget about self-reliance.  Under Obama’s vision that is too much for American’s too bear and that it is far easier  if the government provides a safety net for everybody turning us into a nation of victims.

Obama campaigned on Hope and Change and ran away with the election three years ago as the country had been convinced by Obama and the media that George Bush and the Republicans were responsible for their woes. Since that time unemployment has soared and the economy went into  a deep recession which though technical indicators say is over certainly doesn’t feel like it t those that don’t have jobs or can’t pay their mortgages.

Now he is trying once again to scare Americans into thinking that things will get even worse if those nasty Republicans win the White House next year, glossing over his own failures which have brought him to the brink of defeat.

This is just like Obama who instead of manning up tries to pin the blame on his opposition.

If this is his idea of leadership then it truly is time for a change.