Speaking at a New York fundraiser President Obama channeled Sarah Palin when he used her ‘hopeychangey” phrase.

All that hopey changey stuff, as they say? That was real. It wasn’t something …it was real, you could feel it. You know it. It’s still there. Even in the midst of this hardship. But it’s hard. When I was in Grant Park that night, I warned everybody this was going to be hard, this wasn’t the end it was the beginning.

Nice try Mr. President.  After campaigning on hope and change and raising the expectations that he would restore economic prosperity and jobs to a nation mired in a recession little has changed.

Now even fellow Democrats are grumbling that Obama has largely failed the base and that with his plummeting ratings and an economy stuck in the mud his prospects for reelection are dimming by the day.

By mocking Palin Obama has proven that he has failed in his campaign promise and is now telling voters that it will take awhile before they see any real hope and change.

They may prove him right next year by voting to change the occupant in the White House.


CNN anchor Don Lemon criticized GOP presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann for not veering from her campaign talking points but found room enough to praise former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin for being candid.

Lemon showed clips of Bachmann sticking to her talking points when being interviewed last Sunday after her victory in the Ames Straw Poll and gave her a small break by saying that the media was partially responsible since they asked her the same questions so she was likely to give the same answers.

It’s also called consistency.

What Bachmann is doing is playing it safe which is s smart strategy for someone who has never run for national office before and if the worst thing the media can criticize her for is repeating talking points then she is doing a pretty good job.

By sticking to her message Bachmann lessens the chances that she will make any major mistakes and that’s what Lemon is really complaining about.  The lack of opportunity to nail Bachmann to the wall.

Surprisingly Lemon praised Palin for being what he called “refreshingly candid” in his interview with her over the weekend but Palin has had the advantage of running for national office and is now much more at ease in speaking to the media off the cuff.

Lemon claimed that his goal is to get politicians of all stripes to dump the talking points and said that he will be watching President Obama’s bus tour for the reason but don’t expect much of the same criticism heaped on Bachmann no matter how many times he repeats the same talking points as he did yesterday in Minnesota.


MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell along with Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) used a comment by Sarah Palin’s ten year-old daughter Piper as an excuse to investigate whether or not her recent bus tour violated campaign finance laws.

O’Donnell said that Piper Palin is old enough and experienced enough to know the difference between a vacation and campaigning.

But why can’t she think of a campaign (especially on a bus) as a vacation?  That would certainly make it more interesting at her age.  It’s not like she has a handler.

With this attack O’Donnell has sunk to a new low.