The liberal media and pro-abortion groups worked themselves up into quite a lather after CBS agreed to air a pro-life ad during the Super Bowl featuring 2007 Heisman trophy winner Tim Tebow and his mother.   Yet after the ad aired Sunday my initial feeling was what was all the fuss about?  When the ad aired at the beginning of the game I didn’t event realize it was the controversy laden ad until Tim Tebow appeared at the end.

For Focus on the Family which paid $2.5 million to air the ad I guess they got their money’s worth based on the press the ad generated.  As an effective pro-life message I’m not so sure.  It was a very soft sell and I was frankly underwhelmed.

In the end the media and the pro-abortion groups got worked up over nothing in my opinion but then again what else can we expect from people who thrive on rumor and innuendo and not the facts?