The gay boycott hasn’t begun but the Sundance Film Festival has already decided that they need help with next year’s event to be held at the end of January.

Thanks to the slow economy corporate sponsorships have slipped and that has pinched the festival’s organizers so they are now seeking $1.5 million in state aid.  Money which the state doesn’t have.

The festival which is estimated to have brought in close to $60 million in economic activity to Utah is important in a time when business activity is slowing down.  However it seems that the Sundance officials have caught bailout fever thinking that they are so important to the state that they deserve public money to operate their festival.

I’ll bet the thought of actually scaling back the festival due to a shortage of funds sent shivers through the spines of the festival’s organizers.  After all how could they possibly look less ostentatious for the Hollywood hoi polloi that frequent Park City every year?  Would Sundance lose it’s cachet?

Rather than go after public money, Sundance should go back to its founder Robert Redford and his Hollywood pals and get them to pony up the money they need.  But then again that would be so-responsible.